Introduction to Wingfoil

Started on December 4, 2023

$100 / 2 hours

Your intro to the newest wind sport around…

Wingfoil is taking off (literally!). It involves using a 2 handed inflatable wing in combination with a short, wide board with foil set up. Wings have great mobility and their ability to perform quick manoeuvres and movements allow the rider a certain freedom to easily switch between riding styles.

Let us introduce you to this exhilarating new sport here in Mui Ne, and get to grips with the basics. Beginner friendly and easy to try, winging allows all ages and levels to get out on the water. And using the brand new North Nova wing, trust us – you’ll be having fun from the get go!

Our lessons will be tailored to your abilities, depending on your kite, surf or foiling experience (or lack of!)

We start with ;

  • Wing introduction and manipulation
  • Stance and flying technique
  • Practice paddling out with board and wing
  • How to take off and stand up
  • Learn to fly the wing first on a large volume SUP
  • How to increase speed, ride upwind & downwind
  • How to perform a turn
  • Progress to foil board



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