The beautiful chaos of pipeline surfing for beginners


5 basic rules that a beginner must follow while going kayaking on their own


It's exciting to glide through the air wearing an open parachute!


We offer top kitesurfing spots in the world for you to enjoy

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On The Coast

We create a fun, relaxed and supportive environment where we teach the art of surfing including technical skills, awareness of the ocean and how to stay safe at the beach.

Popular Courses

Full Kite Package
Go from Zero to Hero with our 12 hour kitesurf package…
Kitesurf Discovery
Get your feet wet with a Kitesurf Discovery course…establish the basics!
Refresher & Advanced
For intermediate or advanced riders wanting to level up…
Introduction to Wingfoil
For those eager to try…Your baptism of wing!
Kite and Wing Equipment Rental
Rent top-of-the-range North Kiteboarding kite and wing equipment…
Surf Lessons
Take to the waves with us, and learn to surf at Source!

What Our Customers Say

“Over the moon that Source transformed their shop to include a cafe/bar. Really love hanging out there after kiting and I enjoy putting together my own salad. Super healthy, delicious and made with lots of love”

Liz Kaiser

“The instructors are vey professional and have great experience in teaching. Weather conditions were brilliant and I highly recommend the school at Source for anyone!

Jan L

“I spent some time with these guys recently and was so impressed with their enthusiasm and love for their sport and for the country. Highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn kitesurfing goes to see them

Patrick R.

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