Free V Foil Straps


Free V Foil Straps

Includes:  standard footstrap, v footstrap, 4 single washers, 5 x M6 x 18mm screws, 5 x 6.3 x 25mm screws, 5 x M6 x 20mm screws, 45 deg washer

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Secure the freedom


Experience greater control and connection to your foil with our lightweight cushioned foil board straps. The V-shaped front strap allows you to switch feet when tacking, without needing to double-up on straps. The straps also provide a tactile reference for ideal foot positioning, easier take-offs and fine-trimming of the foil. With a wide range of adjustment for all shapes and sizes, the North Free V Straps let you fully customise your fit and stance for improved flight control.


north free v foil straps

New V-shaped double front strap


Allows you to position your foot closer to the centreline of the board for greater control. The V-strap is ergonomically angled for easy entrance and a locked-in feel, with the entry angle of the strap slightly more open than the toe-side.



New softer premium KnitFlex


Our NEW KnitFlex softer lightweight neoprene material is bonded with pre-shaped dual-density foam and contoured for maximum comfort. The stitchless inner stops pressure points.

Micro strap adjustment capabilities

Asymmetric strap washers allow you to customise your fit. Simply rotate the washer 180 degrees to loosen or tighten the fit around your foot without repositioning the strap.


New angled front centre washer


Angled centre washer distributes the load across the V-strap more evenly, allowing the strap to flex on the correct angle.



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