Kitesurf Discovery

Started on December 4, 20233 hours

$150 / 3 hrs

The perfect way to get your feet wet with learning to kite! Our 3 hour discovery course will ensure you establish the basics in the best possible way and will give you the confidence to continue learning. Our experienced instructors will guide you with patience, passion and expertise. Only top of the range North Kiteboarding equipment is used in our lessons, making sure you learn in a highly efficient and safety conscious way. Instructors speak English, Russian, French and Vietnamese and have many years of teaching experience.

In your first lesson you will :

  • Learn about wind direction and conditions for kitesurf
  • Be introduced to kitesurfing terminology
  • Learn about safety on the beach & in the water
  • Rights of way on the water
  • Fly the trainer kite to understand the technique
  • Set up the LEI kite and learn about the depower system
  • Try your first power strokes
  • Downwind body drag for the first time



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